Control Panels

We currently utilise three control panels to provide our services,
please select your relevent control panel from the list below.

cPanel S1

for all 'cPanel' plans.

cPanel S2

for all 'cP' plans.


for all 'Linux' and 'Windows' plans.


You should normally login to your control panel via our client area, however if you need to provide a developer/other user with access to your control panel service, you may need to provide them with a direct access account - you can request this using a support ticket.

Users with a direct access account can access your services via one of the control panels above.

cPanel S1 cPanel Starter
cPanel Personal
cPanel Pro
cPanel Business
cPanel S2 cP Starter
cP Personal
cP Pro
cP Business
ProNetCP Any Linux Plan
Any Windows Plan
Any WordPress Plan